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A to Z of services: Selective Licensing

Selective Licensing: Outline


The Housing Act 2004 gives Councils the power to introduce the licensing of private rented houses, within a designated area,  where it is or is likely to become either:

  •   an area of low housing demand


  • an area which is experiencing a significant and persistent problem caused by anti-social behaviour

The aim of Selective Licensing is to improve the management of these properties to ensure they have a positive impact on the area.

The Council introduced a Selective Licensing Scheme in 2009 and this has now come to an end. The Council is now considering implementing a second scheme in 9 areas of the town.

Whilst we acknowledge that many landlords provide decent well-managed and maintained accommodation, which do not cause any problems for the local community, we also recognise that there are poor management practices within the private rented sector which are having a negative effect on the general amenity and economy of the areas.

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The proposed scheme.  


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