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Join Hartlepool Borough Council's collective switching scheme and start saving money on your energy bill!

Visit http://bigcommunityswitch.ichoosr.com/Product/index.rails?&utm_medium=web&location=hartlepool and follow the simple steps.  You will need your most recent gas and/or electricity bill to hand.

What is collective energy switching?
Collective switching is where a group of people get together with the aim of getting a better deal on their gas and/or electricity bills by increasing their bartering power.

How does it work?
Simply register your details by 3rd February 2015.  The easiest way to do this is online using the link above.  Alternatively, call 01429 523330.

After 3rd February there will be a "reverse auction".  This is like a normal auction but, instead of bidding the highest price, the winner will be the energy supplier that offers the cheapest deal.

After the auction you will be contacted and advised how much the energy company are offering and how much you might save if you switched.  There is no obligation to take the deal that is offered.

What happens next?
Once you have received your offer you can choose to accept or decline it.  If you choose to accept, then we will help arrange the switch for you.

If you choose to decline the offer then you don't need to do anything.  There is no obligation to accept the offer and there are no penalties for declining.

For further information see our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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