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Frequently Asked Questions: Land and premises

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Land and premises FAQs

Q: How can I find out where the boundary of my property is and who is responsible for my boundary fence?

Q: Am I able to buy land from the Council?


Any request to buy land from the Council can be looked into once a written request has been made. The following details should be made in the letter/email:

  • Location
  • Size of the land
  • Intended use

Land sales are based on their size multiplied by a price per square metre, which varies depending on its use and location. Any sale is subject to committee approval and the purchaser paying the Councils legal and surveyor fees.

Q: I want to hold an event on Council owned land, what do I need to do?

Q: Can I lease land from the Council to graze a horse on?

Q: I own a leasehold property that the Council owns the freehold for. Can I buy the freehold?

Q: There is a problem with a public road, will the Council fix it?

Q: Do you have any property for sale that isn't advertised?

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