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Frequently Asked Questions: Recycling, rubbish and waste

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Recycling, rubbish and waste FAQs

Q: Will my bin smell or attract maggots and flies?

Q: What if I don't have room in my bin for all of the additional waste?

Q: Why haven’t they taken my extra black bags?

Q: Where do I leave my wheelie bin?

Q: What should I do with my garden waste?

Q: My bin is not big enough?

Q: Do you offer help with presenting refuse and recycling containers for collection?

Q: What do you collect?

Q: Where can I recycle?

Q: How do I start recycling?

Q: What time does the household waste recycling centre (HWRC) open?

Q: When is recycling collected?

Q: How do I start composting?

Q: How many household items can you collect?

Q: How soon can I have a bulky waste collection?

Q: What items do you take?

Q: Can I leave it outside?

Q: Do I have to remove the bottle tops from the plastic bottles I wish to recycle?

Q: What can be done about neighbours filling wheeled bins belonging to unoccupied premises and then not putting them out for collection?

Q: Shops are using litter bins for their rubbish, what can be done?

Q: Someone has left black bags in the back lane, can you send someone out to clean them away?

Q: Someone has dumped black bags at the side of my property, will the bin men take them away?

Q: There is rubbish all over the back lane caused by someone turning over the bins and rummaging through the rubbish. What can be done about it?

Q: Is the bulky waste collection service available to local businesses?

Q: How do I arrange a bulky waste collection?

Q: Why should I use the Trade Waste service?


The Environmental Protection Act 1990 introduced the concept of "Duty of Care". This means that under the law you must package waste in a suitable container so that it cannot escape. Containers should be sufficiently secure so that they cannot be broken open by accident, animals or the weather.

In addition, traders must not place their waste in litter bins, domestic wheeled bins or in another trader's wheeled bin.

Q: How can I pay for my Trade Waste collection?

Q: Who do I contact about the Trade Waste scheme?

Q: My Trade Waste hasn't been collected, what do I do?

Q: What can be recycled in the grey bin?

Q: What can be disposed of in the brown bin?

Q: What can be disposed of in the green bin?

Q: What can be recycled in the blue box?

Q: Do I need to wash and squash my recycling?

Q: Can polystyrene be disposed of in the grey recycling bin?

Q: Can broken toys or plastic garden furniture be disposed of in the grey recycling bin?

Q: Do the brown bin collections take place all year?

Q: How much waste is recycled in Hartlepool?

Q: What happens to my recycling after collection?

Q: I have additional waste that I can't fit in my green bin, what should I do?

Q: How do I get a bin?

Q: Can I request for my bin(s) to be cleaned?

Q: There is waste/mess in my neighbour's garden. Can anything be done about this?

Q: Does Hartlepool support the real nappies scheme?

Q: Can I request a water butt/compost bin?

Q: Will the green bin and Brown bin be collected by the same lorry?

Q: Will the Grey Bin and the Blue Box be collected by the same lorry?

Q: What time / days do the refuse collection teams work?

Q: Can/should I bag my recycling before placing it in the grey bin?

Q: Which plastics can I recycle?

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