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Frequently Asked Questions: Street care and cleaning

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Street care and cleaning FAQs

Q: My front street is badly littered. Will someone come out today to clean it up?

Q: How often are streets cleaned?

Q: Who is responsible for dog bins?

Q: How often are litter bins emptied?

Q: Are the main roads in the town cleansed more often than others?

Q: How often are roads mechanically swept?

Q: Do you provide special cleansing for leaves?

Q: Litter bin has been burnt out - can you remove it and replace with a new one?

Q: A litter bin is full of rubbish, can you call out and empty it?

Q: The litter bin is not big enough for the amount of litter generated in the area, can I have a larger bin or extra bins installed?


Contact Hartlepool Connect on 01429 523333 and consideration will be given to your request.

Q: A litter bin has slipped down the lamppost, can you come out and re-secure it?

Q: Can litter bins be placed along school routes?

Q: Can we increase the number of times the litter bins are emptied?

Q: Do you call out and collect discarded syringes?

Q: Do you have a special collection for diabetic needles?

Q: Can I get a yellow sharps box for needles from the Council?

Q: How do you dispose of the needles?

Q: Is there a charge for collecting discarded needles and is there anywhere you won't go?

Q: I have found some pills and foil. Will you attend or should I contact the police?

Q: Do you have a call-out service to collect needles out of hours?

Q: I think I saw a needle, but I'm not sure. Could someone go out and have a look?

Q: How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

Q: How long will you take to come out to an abandoned vehicle?

Q: I have received a Fixed Penalty Notice for littering/dog fouling. How do I pay?

Q: My vehicle has been impounded by the Council how do I get it back?

Q: My vehicle was displaying a SORN notice but the Council have impounded it, why is this?

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