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Q: How do I get Building Regulation Approval?



There are two methods of obtaining building regulation approval:

Full Plans domestic (including charge sheet)

Full Plans non domestic (including charge sheet)

The plans deposited are checked to ensure compliance with the building regulations and the work carried out on site is in accordance with those plans subject to any agreed and approved amendments.

This system can be beneficial to finance lenders as both approval certificate for the plans and completion certificate for the site work are available proving the local authority's acceptance of the proposals. A decision on the application will be given within eight weeks of date of submission - with an initial response detailing any necessary amendments given to the applicant within fifteen days of submission.

Building Notice (including charge sheet)

This application method is intended for small extensions and internal alterations to dwellings only.

Detailed plans will not be required to be submitted for approval, however specific plans or calculations may be required to clarify certain parts of the construction. The work on site will be required to comply with the building regulations and a completion certificate will be available proving satisfactory compliance with the regulations.

For charges not shown on the charge sheet, please contact 01429 523289.

Electronic submissions

You may wish to submit your application electronically through submit-a-plan.

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