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The Green Schools project is available to all primary and secondary schools in Hartlepool. It brings pupils together with their wider school community, to plan and deliver projects which aim to reduce the impact the schools are having on the environment (in particular with regards to waste, water and energy).  The initiative aims to raise environmental knowledge and develop skills which promote sustainable living and good citizenship.

The Green Schools project compliments the National Eco Schools initiative run by Keep Britain Tidy. We provide schools with support where required as they work towards gaining one of three awards: Bronze, Silver and the prestigious Green Flag award.  The Bronze and Silver awards are self assessed and can be applied for online.  The Green Flag is awarded after completion of a form and an assessment by the Keep Britain Tidy campaign who run the Eco Schools initiative.

There are 3 packages available to schools within the Green Schools project:

Going for Green

  • 30 x 1 hour sessions to assist schools in achieving Eco-Schools Green Flag status
  • Assistance in the completion of the Eco-Schools Green Flag application form
  • One whole school assembly
  • Sessions will be timetabled in across the year at times suitable for both the school and officer
  • Sessions will include the setting up and running of the eco-group
  • Schools will need to provide a suitable classroom for meetings
  • Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm  

Teacher Preparation Cover Sessions / Class Sessions

  • Tailor made sessions on a variety of environmental topics for morning or afternoon cover, including waste, water, energy and climate change
  • Sessions will need to be booked a term in advance
  • Schools will need to state topic required and age of pupils
  • Schools will need to provide a suitable classroom
  • Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm

Green Schools Network Membership

  • Regular updates by email
  • Green Schools Newsletter (3 times a year)
  • Access to free resources and grant information
  • Free places for year 5 pupils at the Environment Roundabout event  

For up to date details of availability and prices please contact Joanne Taylor (joanne.taylor@hartlepool.gov.uk) on (01429) 284109.

Green Schools Film

This short film (15 mins) featuring children from Hartlepool's schools talking about taking part in the Green Schools and Eco-Schools projects. 

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