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Review of Selective Licensing in Hartlepool

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 The Council is in the process of consulting with all key stakeholders (including local residents, ward members, landlords and managing agents, community/voluntary sector and service providers) in the selective licensing designation, which came into force in May 2009, to seek their views and opinions about the existing scheme.

The findings from this consultation will be used, alongside the data analysis that has already been undertaken, to consider how effective the scheme has been so far in each of the six areas within the designation, as well as inform the process with regards to considering an additional designation in the town. 

Alongside this, the Council is undertaking a vast amount of analytical research to asses the whole town, to identify any additional areas that could benefit from the selective licensing of private sector rented housing suffering from, or likely to suffer from, low housing demand and/or experiencing persistent or significant anti-social behaviour.

If the statistics highlight vulnerable areas where the introduction of an additional selective licensing designation is deemed appropriate, a comprehensive and extensive programme of engagement and consultation, in compliance with prescribed government guidance, will be necessary in order to consider any new designation.  At this stage, all those who are likely to be affected by a new designation will be consulted.

Further Information
The Selective Licensing pages of the Council's website will be kept up to date during the review and consultation process, but in the meantime if you would like to find out more or have any questions please contact the Selective Licensing Team on 01429 523328 or email selectivelicensing@hartlepool.gov.uk.

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