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Hartlepool Borough Council, for the seventh year running, has been awarded the highest possible Four Star rating by the Audit Commission as part of the "The Harder Test" Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA). In relation to our performance, the Audit Commission said:

" Hartlepool Council is performing well. Ambitions and action to achieve are founded on a strong drive to improve life in Hartlepool . Performance often ranks among the best in England . Outstanding partnership working is achieving improved outcomes ... across national and local priorities."

In 2008, for the first time, the Council achieved the top rating Improving Strongly for the delivery services. This rating has been maintained in 2009.

Hartlepool is one of only 26 of the 116 single tier authorities to achieve both the Four Star and Improving Strongly ratings.


Our overall Council aim remains:

" Hartlepool will be an ambitious, healthy, respectful, inclusive, thriving and outward-looking community, in an attractive and safe environment, where everyone is able to realise their potential".

The Council continues to work hard to build and improve upon the successes of the previous year to ensure that we maintain our focus and deliver upon a challenging programme of improvement. This Corporate Plan is our strategic planning document setting out priorities and targets for improvements up to March 2011. The Corporate Plan is part of the effective systems we have in place to identify priorities, measure performance; identify opportunities for improvement; and to take steps to improve any areas that are underperforming. The outcomes, priorities and targets included in the Plan guide the allocation of Council resources - financial, physical assets and staff- to achieve our plans.

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