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Policies, procedures, strategies and guidance

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This section provides information about our adult social care policies, procedures and guidance for professionals and those with an interest in adult social care.

Advocacy Referrals

Assistive technology strategy

Child and Adult Services Guidance

Complaints procedure

 Health and wellbeing

Housing options


  • See 'Welfare Notice'

 Residential Care

 Safeguarding Adults

 Safeguarding Adults Management Guide

 SAFER referral tool

The SAFER referral tool has been designed to help ensure appropriate, quality referrals of children in need or children who may be suffering significant harm to social care services.

 The Care Act

The Care Act Workshop 1 - Assessment and Eligibility

The Care Act Workshop 2 - Care and Support Planning

The Care Act Workshop 3 - Safeguarding

 The Care Act Workshop 4 - Carers

Welfare Notice

Welfare Notice downloads

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