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 Incontrolable logoIn our developmental role, Incontrol-able have held meetings with various organisations based within the CIL and externally; both locally and nationally to build working relationships for the future development of the Centre for Independent Living.  Incontrol-able will continue to meet with groups/organisations in Hartlepool to identify opportunities for co-working to meet the aims and objectives of a Centre for Independent Living. 

 We have identified  a need to do some work with some providers at the CiL around the ethos of a centre for Independent Living and also to try and improve internal communications and co-production; although the Cancer Awareness Event has been a positive example of what can happen.  There has also been a lack of disabled people accessing the CIL which is an issue for the majority of organizations based there.  Positive promotion of the CIL in Hartlepool , specifically with disabled people and further consultation to identify local needs is required to address this.

We aim to identify future awareness event opportunities for the CIL, not only in Health but also in regard to the 7 Principals of Independent Living within the ethos of the CIL (Information, Peer Support, Housing, Equipment, Personal Assistance, Transport and Access).

Incontrol-able have also received funding from 'Communities First' to run a free pilot 'Supporting Lifestyle Changes' Project to support people from disadvantaged groups from the Stranton Ward in Hartlepool .  Further information to follow.

Incontrol-able has successfully applied to the Office for Disability Issues for funding to assist us in becoming a sustainable User Led Organisation and we welcome any offers of involvement from disabled people to assist us in our work.  We want both Incontrol-able and the CIL to be a voice for the disabled people of Hartlepool .

A questionnaire has been distributed to disabled people in the community to identify gaps in service provision in Hartlepool so that organisations within the CIL and the local community can look to address the issues identified, with particular regard to User Led Organisation's.

Clarity is required from Hartlepool Borough Council regarding short and long-term plans for the CIL regarding the proposed bistro, future management structure, possible transition etc

Within the next three months Incontrol-able will continue to address the points highlighted above and will provide further clarification on the direction of the CIL. 


A Cancer Awareness Road Show Event is to be held at the CIL on 29th June funded by a Public Health Grant jointly applied for by HCILL and Incontrol-able.  Funding used for a British Sign Language Communicator, accessible transport provision and refreshments for the day.  The event hopes to attract disabled people and carers in Hartlepool .

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