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The Building Control Service Unit

Provides a mix of consultancy and enforcement services ensuring that buildings within the borough meet nationally agreed Building Regulation standards. More detailed information can be obtained by reading Hartlepool Building Control Information.

What are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations are minimum standards of building work, which deal with the construction, extension, alteration and change of use of buildings.

The Building Regulations cover all aspects of construction including foundations, damp proofing, structural stability, insulation, energy conservation, ventilation, heating, adequate access and facilities for all people and fire protection and means of escape.

When do I need Building Regulation permission?

If a person wants to construct, extend or alter a building then it is likely that a Building Regulation application will be required.

The interactive house on the Planning Portal gives more advice on the type of work home owners will need to make a Building Regulation application for.

If you are carrying out work to a non-domestic or commercial premises then please contact us direct if you are unsure if you need an application. 

You may also need to apply for Planning Permission.

Is Building Control the same as Planning?

No. Building Control permission is entirely different to Planning Permission however you may need both permissions for your building work.

At Hartlepool both Planning and Building Control sections work very closely as a development team to ensure your project is given prompt approval.

To assist you and to give you the best advice Hartlepool Planning and Building Control operate a One Stop Shop facility that allows you to submit basic details free of charge and we will confirm what permissions are required for your project.

Further information on Planning and Building Control is available from the Planning Portal.

For further details regarding your planning proposal in Hartlepool you can also contact the Hartlepool Development Control section.

How do I submit a Building Regulation application?

You have two methods of submitting an application for Building Regulation approval. Full Plans or a Building Notice. These are explained here

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