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In the case of new or major refurbished petrol filling stations or existing ones where any alterations are to be undertaken, the APEA Guidance Document known as the 'Design, Construction, Modification and Maintenance of Petrol Filling Stations' 3rd Edition (June 2011) is the nationally approved code of practice that is to be followed.  (ISBN 978 0 85293600 9)

Hartlepool Borough Council have adopted this as the lead document in these matters.

Where can I get a copy?

The document can be obtained from:

Portland Press Ltd
Commerce Way

Telephone: 01206 796 351
Fax: 01206 796 331
e-mail: sales@portlandpress.com

Also known in the industry as the 'Blue Book' the document costs £140.00 unless you are a member of the Association for Petroleum Explosives Administration (APEA) or the Institute of Petroleum (IP) where you can purchase it for reduced price. Visit the web site as follows http://www.apea.org.uk/

What does the Guidance cover?

The following sections are contained in the Guidance:

  • Scope Dispensers
  • Risk Assessment Vapour Emission Control Systems
  • Hazardous Area Classification Leak Detection
  • Planning and Design Canopies and Buildings
  • Acceptance and Commissioning Drainage Systems
  • Construction Safety Electrical Installations
  • Tankage Maintenance and In-Service Testing
  • Pipework Systems Repairs and Modifications
  • Decommissioning Glossary of Terms

Is there any other Technical Guidance I should be aware of?

General Licence Conditions

Hartlepool Borough Council grants Petroleum Licenses for the safe storage of Petroleum Spirit. These licenses are renewable annually 2 yearly or 3 yearly at the discretion of the applicant.

Petrol Filling Stations - Guidance on Managing the Risks from Fire and Explosion:

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have produced a document to assist licensees in complying with their obligations under the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

Should you have any queries regarding the information contained in this document, please contact Petroleum Licensing Officer Hartlepool Borough Council.

Petroleum Local Authority Circulars

Health and Safety Executive and Local Authority circulars (HELA) and Petroleum Enforcement Liaison circulars (PETELS) provide local authority (LA) health and safety enforcement officers with advice and guidance on enforcement management and technical matters. HELA circulars are issued in the interests of achieving consistent standards in health and safety enforcement between LA's, and between LA's and the Health and Safety Executive.

See also: Petroleum Local Authority Circulars (see 'P' for petroleum)


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