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Marriage and Civil Partnership - Notice documentation

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What do I need to provide to give notice?

To give notice you have to provide the details below

  • Full name 
  • Age
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Current status (i.e. single)
  • Occupation
  • Venue for your marriage or civil partnership


You will also need to provide documentary evidence 

  • A current, valid passport
  • Two forms of address proof; utility bill / bank statement etc dated within the last 3 months


Not able to provide passport?

Born before 1983 - will need to produce your full birth certificate (one that shows your parents details as well as your own)

Born after 1983 - will need to produce your full birth certificate and the full birth certificate for one of your parents. If your parents were married at the time of your birth either of their certificates can be accepted, if they were not your mother's full birth certificate must be provided


We may also need additional information.....

Under the age of 18?

Written consent from the appropriate parent / guardian / authority - we have forms you can use to ensure we get the required information


Divorced or dissolution?

A divorce decree absolute or final order of civil partnership dissolution bearing the court's original stamp.



The certificate of marriage / civil partnership along with the death certificate of their former spouse.


Changed name (other than through marriage)?

If your name has been changed by deed poll or statutory declaration, then we need to see the relating documents.

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