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Burn Valley Gardens

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Burn Valley Gardens was opened in 1898.  It was the second park that opened in Hartlepool and is the nearest to the town centre.

It is a linear shaped park, developed on either side of the stream (burn) which runs west to east through the town. The east end of the park is at York Road and the western end at Catcote Road, close to Summerhill and within close walking distance to Ward Jackson Park.

Burn Valley Gardens covers 7.7 hectares.  The Council purchased land off the Blakelock Trustees to satisfy the need for allotment provision and part of it was then developed as a small park by Messrs Lister and Kershaw.

Since its opening, further pieces of land have been added to the gardens by donations, land exchange and purchases.

The park now contains three bowling greens and a play area.

Burn Valley Gardens has a group of active volunteers called the 'Burn Valley Gardens Rejuvenation Consortium'. If you would like to get involved please contact us on 01429 284124/523421.


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