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2015 refuse and recycling calendars

Please note that bank holiday Mondays DO NOT affect refuse and recycling collections.

The Borough Council operates a Tuesday-Friday collection regime each week, so bank holiday Mondays will have no effect and it will be business as usual for the rest of the week.  

Your 2015 refuse and recycling collections calendar is available to view or download now!!


Easter Collections

There is no change to the household refuse and recycling collections over the Easter period. 

Therefore residents who receive a collection on a Friday will still get their scheduled collection of green, brown or grey bin on Good Friday, and there is no disruption to household collections following Easter Monday.   


Can it be recycled?

Do you somtimes find yourself standing next to the bin wondering if something can be recycled or whether you should put it in the rubbish?

Then check out our handy new online "Can It Be Recycled?" tool! Simply select an item from the drop down list and the clever little tool will tell you whether it can be recycled in your grey recycling bin, in your blue box, at the household waste recycling centre (HWRC) or not at all.

Click here to try it out!

Abandoned bins campaign

Bins left out:

  • Are regularly set on fire, which is a risk to you and your property
  • Can be used by criminals to access your property and carry stolen goods
  • Are more likely to be stolen, vandalised or have waste dumped in them

From 7th November 2014 the council will be running an education and enforcement campaign in selected streets. Every property within the target area has had a leaflet explaining the campaign posted through their door. Find out more about the campaign here.

Some residents questions about recycling answered

In February 2014 we ran a Viewpoint Survey on the recycling service. Here are a selection of real questions from residents from that survey. Click on each one to see the answer. 



  1. As far as I can see it all goes in the same pot. Most of us put it in the right box...but on bin day it all goes in the same pot on the lorry so why do we have to sort our recycling?
  2. As we do not produce much glass waste the blue box is too big and cumbersome for an odd jar or bottle. As a result my glass waste usually ends up in my green bin. What alternative is there to the blue box for glass?
  3. Could the council provide a bin washer for after bins have been emptied?
  4. Why can't my bin be collected before 14:00 hours?
  5. Can we have clearer information e.g. posters on what goes in different bins?
  6. Isn't the recycling service too complicated for elderly people?
  7. Could the council collect food waste? I have a compost bin but it is full.
  8. Can the council ensure everyone got new tags on bins regarding new collection dates. We didn't get a new red tag on our bin. The rest of the grove got them. Old ones were blue, new ones are red.
  9. Can't we get rid of blue box and just use grey bin?
  10. I do not understand why potato and other veg peelings... are not allowed in the brown bin
  11. I have sometimes got the council to remove large objects (bed and mattresses). Is this still available?
  12. It would be an improvement if skips could be brought round the streets... for items that can't go in the bins. Can the council do this? 
  13. Why can't we separate the newspaper into a plastic bag but still keep it in the grey bin?
  14. How about offering compost bins/wormeries as an option for recycling?
  15. The problem with waste collection is there is no flexibility. I have left items in clearly marked bags as there was no room in the bin, yet these are not taken leaving me to dispose of them. Why don't you take black bags? 


If you would like to see the whole survey including results please click here.

Tees Valley Joint Waste Management Strategy

The Tees Valley Authorities have joined together to review recycling and waste issues and to develop a Joint Waste Management Strategy (JWMS) for the Tees Valley up to 2020. 

Consultation took place on the draft strategy, which was produced in April 2008. 

The Final Strategy comprises of the following documents:

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