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Waste Not Want Not

Why 'Waste Not Want Not'

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Recycle the possibilities are endless
In our country, millions of tonnes of household waste is produced every year and the majority of this is land filled rather than recycled or composted, but much of this is not rubbish at all and is simple to recycle or turn into new products. There are lots of different ways of doing this, for useful hints and tips see below:

We are all aware that we should be recycling, reusing and repackaging to save the environment and yet there is still a great deal more that we can do. We need to increase our recycling rates and reduce the amount of products that we dispose of.

Split into easy to follow sections, covering paper and cardboard, plastic, tins and glass, textiles and saving water, these next few pages will aid you in making the most of products you already use.


Remember, many charities rely on using and recycling products to raise money. Help charities by contributing items you personally cannot reuse.

Always ask yourself whether your 'waste' should end up in a landfill or not?

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