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Useful Hints & Tips - Textiles

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With your kerbside colletion you can recycle your textiles and shoes, as well as the recycling banks available around the borough, so anything that you can't think of a secondary use for should be recycled. Below are some useful hints & tips, so get recycling!


  • Animal bedding
    Re-use your old blankets as bedding for your dog and or cat.
  • Composting
    Old blankets made solely of natural fibres (eg. cotton or wool) can be added to your compost. Cut into small pieces, and add them gradually.


  • Travel Laundry
    Take a pillowcase away with you when you travel to keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes. This is a great tip if you are travelling to more than one destination when you have to re-pack your case. When you arrive home simply empty the pillowcase into your washing machine. Wash and dry the pillowcase and put back in your suitcase ready for your next trip.
  • Toy sack
    Create a fun toy for the younger members of the family - or create a Santa sack for Christmas! Make templates out of cardboard, then cut out the letters in different textured methods of fabric and stitch to the pillowcase. Thread a cord through the top of a pillowcase to create a drawstring bag to keep the toys neat and tidy.

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