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Dyke House Sports and Technology Academy

Mapleton Road
TS24 8NQ

Headteacher: Mr A Jordon

Tel: (01429) 266377
Fax: (01429) 866404
Email: admin@dykehouse.hartlepool.sch.uk

English Martyrs RC School & Sixth Form College

Catcote Road
TS25 4HA

Headteacher: Mr M Lee

Tel: (01429) 273790
Fax: (01429) 273998
Email: admin@ems.hartlepool.sch.uk
Website: http://www.ems.hartlepool.sch.uk/


High Tunstall College of Science

Elwick Road
TS26 0LQ

Headteacher: Mr M Tilling

Tel: (01429) 261446
Fax: (01429) 222856
Email:admin.hightunstall@school.hartlepool.gov.uk                                    Website: http://www.htcs.org.uk/

Manor Community Academy

Owton Manor Lane
TS25 3PS

Headteacher: Mrs A Malcolm

Tel: (01429) 288338
Fax: (01429) 288638
Email: info@manoracademy.org
Website: http://www.manorcollege.org.uk/


St Hilds Church of England VA Secondary School

King Oswy Drive
West View
TS24 9PB

Headteacher: Mr C Reid

Tel: (01429) 273041
Fax: (01429) 232235
Email: admin@st-hilds.hartlepool.sch.uk

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