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The Council, like many large public and private sector organisations, is keen to obtain the benefits of trading electronically with its suppliers.

The Government is driving Councils to adopt e-procurement to improve efficiency. Hartlepool Borough Councils E Procurement Strategy is available to download.

Hartlepool Borough Council is working to utilise new technology to ensure we secure the best services in a cost effective, and timely way.

The benefits of taking this approach are clear:

  • The Council will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement activity by standardising procedures and implementing e-Procurement systems.
  • The delivery of customer services will be supported by the best available support services and goods, at the best prices.
  • Businesses will find it easier to work with the Council, and will gain access to a broader market place.
  • E-procurement helps suppliers just as much as buyers, as it removes the majority of the paper-based activities relating to processing an order and getting paid, releasing valuable time for sales and other activities.


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