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Dealing with Doorstep Callers

What to do and what not to do

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Many doorstep callers are honest and genuine, however, some are not and will attempt to gain entry to your home to steal from you or sell you something you may not need.  We have some suggestions to help you avoid problems:

  • Fix a door chain to your door, and make sure you use it every time someone calls.
  • Don't leave your door unlocked throughout the day.
  • Keep purses, wallets and money out of sight.
  • Use a window or door viewer to establish who the caller is.
  • Always ask for identification, that you can verify. Do not let the caller into your home until you have verified the caller's identification - it's not rude to do this as genuine callers will understand.
  • Keep a list of useful phone numbers next to your telephone.
  • A meter reader should be able to tell you your meter serial number that is on your meter.
  • Be aware that criminals may try to distract you with a plausible excuse while their accomplice steals from your property - they could even use a child.
  • Don't be pressurised into letting someone in your home and buying something. Remember you are in charge. If a doorstep caller refuses to leave, dial 999 and ask for the Police.

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