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This page shows the list of current consultations. These are available for you to respond to or look at.

Please note - only Viewpoint Members will be able to see or take part in Viewpoint surveys. To join the Viewpoint panel, please call Lisa Anderson on 01429 523041 or email lisa.anderson@hartlepool.gov.uk

 Current Online Consultations:

Consultation Title Consultation Description Close Date Contact Officer
Viewpoint recruitment survey Would you be interested in joining a panel of Hartlepool residents who are asked their views on Council services two to three times a year? If so, please fill out this short recruitment survey

No close date

Lisa Anderson
01429 523041

Hartlepool Online Panel Would you be interested in signing up to a monthly newsletter letting you know about consultation activities you can take part in over the next few weeks? If so, all you need to do is let us know your email address.

No close date

Lisa Anderson
01429 523041
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Hartlepool Borough Council's Customer Services Team would like to know what you think about the services they provide.

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01429 266522


Hartlepool Regeneration Master Plan Hartlepool Borough Council is proposing an ambitious Regeneration Masterplan which aims to revitalise the centre of Hartlepool, spark the town's wider regeneration and lay the foundations for its future prosperity. It will be a Masterplan for everyone in Hartlepool and your views are crucial to help develop the proposals.
 10th October Rob smith
01429 523531
Community Alcohol Partnerships Residents Survey

The Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) is a multi- agency partnership aimed at tackling the problems caused by underage drinking.  It includes The Manor House and Fens Ward, Jutland Road Area, Rift House Area, Summerhill and Queens Meadow. A map of the area can be found by going to: http://www.saferhartlepool.co.uk/downloads/file/78/community_alcohol_partnership_map

We would like to find out from local residents their views on the local area and in particular about young people (under 18 year olds) and their behaviour.

You can also be entered into a FREE PRIZE DRAW for a £25 voucher 

 11th October To follow
Cleveland Community Risk Register The Cleveland Community Risk Register provides information on emergencies that could happen within Cleveland, together with an assessment of how likely they are to happen and the impact if they do.

This document aim to summarise the Community Risk Register in a format which can be easily used by residents and communities to understand the risks that could affect their homes and places of work and give advice and guidance on how they can be more prepared should an emergency arise.

Cleveland Local Resilience Forum would like to know if the Community Risk Register, in its current format, has provided you with suitable information to understand risks in Cleveland; if it has reassured you that these risks are suitably planned for; and if it has influenced you to be more prepared in your home and community.

For an online version of the document, go to: https://www.clevelandemergencyplanning.info/clrf-information-links/community-risks/  

17th October Katie Hammond
01642 301515
Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places, & Polling Stations

Hartlepool Borough Council needs to review their Parliamentary Polling Districts and Polling Places, and will submit its final proposals to the Council for approval in December 2014

For more information about these changes, please go to: Review of Polling Stations

 31st October  


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