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Fruit and Vegetables

Salad bars are available in every school and pupils are encouraged to enjoy additional salas with each meal combination.
Fresh fruit is always available every day.

Oily Fish

Oily fish such as Salmon, which we serve at least once every two weeks, contains mega 3 oil which plays an important role in health and development.

Healthier Drinks

The only drinks we serve are water, pure fruit juices, milk, milk drinks and carbonated fruit drinks with less than 5% added sugar.

Deep Fried Foods

Many schools no longer have deep fat fryers on site and all products are oven baked.
Chips are on our school menus once every two weeks along with roast potatoes and potato wedges which are also oven baked.

No Sweets, Crisps or Savoury Snacks

Confectionery such as chocolate bars, sweets, crips and savoury snacks are no longer served.  Instead there is the option to choose from home made fruit cookies or cakes.

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