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Tree Preservation Orders and Trees in Conservation Areas

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Tree works applications and notices can be submitted online through the national planning portal, or by using a printable Tree Work Application Form.  For help in completing the form, please read the guidance note .  There is no fee payable when submitting an application or a notice.

A list of tree preservation orders in Hartlepool is available to download.

There are eight conservation areas in Hartlepool.  Plans showing Hartlepool's conservation areas are available to download.

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an Order that is made by the local planning authority to prevent trees being cut down, topped, uprooted, wilfully damaged or wilfully destroyed.  It is a criminal offence to carry out tree works or to cut down protected trees without prior consent.

Similarly, in recognition of the special contribution that trees can make to the character and appearance of conservation areas, you are required by law to give six weeks notice of your intention to carry out any tree works or to cut down trees within a conservation area.

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Hartlepool's Tree Preservation Orders

Hartlepool's Tree Preservation Orders

A list of the tree preservation orders currently in force in Hartlepool

Tree Works Application Form and Guidance Note

Planning Practice Guidance: Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas

Planning Practice Guidance: Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas

National guidance that explains the regulations governing tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas

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