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Location of Allotment Sites

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Located in the grounds of what was the Briarfields House, access to the site is from Elwick Road. This site has an active Association. There are 12 plots on this site.

Burn Valley
Situated on the side of the Burn Valley Gardens, access is from Blakelock Road and Brinkburn Road. There are 76 plots.

Chester Road
Located on the side of the Grayfields Recreation Grounds, access is mainly from Chester Road. There are 147 plots. There is an active Association operating on this site.

Accessed from Saltaire Terrace, there are only 3 plots in Greatham Village operated by the Council. Although there are many more plots in the village operated by 'The Hospital of God'.

Haswell Avenue
This site is accessed from Haswell Avenue. There are 30 plots and the site has an active association.

Nicholson's Field
This site runs parallel to the railway line. Access is via Speeding Drive or Dowson Road. There are 169 plots in this site.

Olive Street
This site has only one plot! It is located in Olive Street on the Headland.

Rossmere (formerly known as Brierton)
Located behind what used to be Brierton Hospital, this site is accessed from Brierton Lane. The site has 58 plots.

Station Lane
One of two sites in Seaton Carew. This site is accessed from Station Lane and is adjacent to the Seaton Carew train station. The site consists of 79 plots.

Hartlepool's largest allotment site. There are 174 plots which are mainly accessed from Kingsley Avenue or Brierton Lane.

Summerhill (formerly known as Catcote)
This site is accessed from Summerhill Lane and has 55 plots.

This site is located between the Throston and Chester Road sites. Access to this site is via the end of Thornhill Gardens. There are 96 plots.

This site is located next to the Thornhill allotment site. It has 82 plots. Access is either via Elmwood Road or Wiltshire Way.

Thompson Grove
This site is accessed by either of 2 gates at the end of Thompson Grove. The site has only 5 plots.

Waverley Terrace
This site is accessed from Waverley Terrace and has 14 plots. It sits next to the Waverley Terrace Community Allotment site.

The other Seaton Carew allotment site. This one is accessed from Bolton Grove. There are 30 plots. There is an active association.

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