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Once planning obligations associated with planning permissions have been agreed, it is important that they are implemented or enforced in an efficient and transparent way, in order to ensure that contributions are spent on their intended purpose and that the associated development contributes to the sustainability of the area. This will require monitoring by local planning Authorities, which in turn may involve joint-working by different parts of the Authority.

There are two aspects to monitoring and managing legal agreements these being:  

·      Financial monitoring and management of the monies associated with receiving the income; and

·      Physical monitoring.            

As from the 1 October 2011 a charge will be levied to all planning agreements based on the following table of charges to cover the monitoring of obligations:




per agreement relating to financial monitoring.


per agreement relating to physical monitoring, should there be a requirement for multiple visits this fee would be payable per visit.  To be agreed prior to the completion of any legal agreement.

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