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Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Hartlepool Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2007



The Hartlepool Rights of Way Improvement Plan is available to download and view.

On 1st October 2007 Hartlepool Borough Council Cabinet approved and adopted the Plan as an official Council Plan.

Under Sections 60 to 62 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 Hartlepool Borough Council, as with other English highway authorities has been required to produce and publish a Rights of Way Improvement Plan.  This Plan looks at:

1. The present and future needs of the general public and users.

2. The need for exercise, recreation and enjoyment of the countryside and access to the countryside.

3. The accessibility needs of the visually and mobility impaired community, its users and potential users.

Copies of the Full Plan, its Appendices and a Summary Plan are available as downloads.  Chapter 11 (Maps) of the Full Plan, is split up into its individual maps for ease of download  All of the documents are also available on CD or in paper format.  To obtain copies in these different formats, please write to:

FREEPOST RRKX-EAEY-YBZK, Parks and Countryside, Hartlepool Borough Council, Suite 8, Municipal Buildings, Church Square, HARTLEPOOL. TS24 7EQ

Alternatively email rightsofway@hartlepool.gov.uk or phone 01429 523524 and ask for the Countryside Access Team. 

We will be happy to supply you with a copy in English and other languages as well as in large print and audio format, upon request.

The Full Plan, due to its size, can be downloaded chapter by chapter.  As with the Full Plan, Chapter 11 - Maps -  is downloadable as individual maps, rather than as a collection.  The Appendices and Summary Plan are each downloadable as single documents.


The Countryside Access Team has started the final phase of consultation on a Sustainability Appraisal for the Rights of Way Improvement Plan.

To look at the recent Scoping Report consultation documents please download the Scoping Report

A Non-Technical Scoping Report is available for anyone wishing to read it.  It does not go into the detail of the full scoping report but explains the broad impact of the Sustainability Appraisal.  It is available as a downloadable document. 

The Scoping Report Consultation Responses received from the consultation are also available to read and download.  The Council's replies to each comment are also part of this document.

Contacting the Countryside Access Team

Contacting the Countryside Access Team

For more information about the Rights of Way Improvement Plan contact the Countryside Access Team

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