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Civic Centre Access Restrictions

VISITORS to Hartlepool Civic Centre and the adjoining Law Courts are advised that essential repair work will start shortly at the front entrance to the building. From next week (w/c 6th February)

Civic Centre Access Restrictions.

Common Assessment Framework

Further Guidance, Support and Information

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In this page practitioners will find a range of links and documents to help support your understanding of the Common Assessment Framework. Please click on the highlighted text in order to open the document or access the link.

  • CAF Frequently asked Questions - provides some basic information and answers to why and how we use the Common Assessment Framework within Hartlepool. This can be useful for parents and practitioners alike - CAF Frequently asked Questions



  •  Pre CAF document, helps workers to understand and begin to record in a structured way what their concerns are, and what strengths a child, young person or Family may have. Pre CAF helps inform workers if they need to undertake a full CAF.- Pre CAF-form


  •  The latest version of CAF, now includes an action planning and team around the child review pages. The form is now standardized throughout England. - CAF - form


  • The link provides CAF Guidance provides additional information and reading for professionals undertaking the assessment and planning and delivery stages. - Common Assessment Framework guidance -         -  Practitioners' GuideManagers' Guide


  •  Team Around the Child provides additional information on roles and responsibilities within the process. - The Team Around The Child (TAC) and Lead Practitioner - Practitioners'  Guidance -  / Managers' Guide



  • This link will provide you with a set of questions that will help you undertake a comprehensive common assessment - Supporting Questions


  • The  CAF self-assessment checklist is to be used by CAF authors at the end of the assessment and during the review stages. It will help guide you towards best practice. - CAF self-assessment checklist


  • The link provides greater detail of what an integrated model of working looks like and how this is created in practice. - Integrated working


All Training / Awarenes CAF sessions can be arranged on an individual basis by contacting CAF Co-ordinator - caf.gcsx@hartlepool.gcsx.gov.uk

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