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Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

Meeting Special Educational Needs in Hartlepool schools

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All mainstream schools make provision for children with special educational needs. If you are the parent of a child with SEND you have the right to express a preference for any mainstream school in the same way as other parents.

A list of Schools in Hartlepool can be found via this link.

Pupils who are giving cause for concern to their teachers and require provision that is additional to the normal curriculum are supported through additional interventions and should have a set of personalised targets drawn up for them (often in an Individual Education Plan). When advice has been sought from an external professional and they have also become involved in drawing up and monitoring the IEP, the pupil is likely to be identified as SEND. 

The needs of pupils are considered individually on their merits and those with the most complex needs can proceed to a statutory assessment if the LA believes that it may need to determine the special educational provision required.

Hartlepool has established a number of special provisions in mainstream schools to meet the needs of children with particular types of SEN. This type of provision sits between special schools on the one hand and individual support for children with SEN in mainstream schools on the other.

They provide inclusive opportunities for children as they are all located in mainstream schools but they benefit from well established specialist staff and facilities. They are usually very popular with parents.

Additionally Resourced Provisions (ARPs) are located as follows:

 School  Key Stages  SEN Category
 Grange  1 & 2  Physical Disabilities and/or Medical Needs
 Owton Manor  1 & 2  Speech Language & Communication Needs
 Kingsley  1 & 2  Autistic Spectrum Disorder
 High Tunstall  3 & 4 Physical Disabilities and/or Medical Needs
 Manor College  3 & 4 Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Admission to an Additionally Resourced Provision is normally dependent on a child having a statement of Special Educational Needs, which specifies that the child requires a level of support and/or expertise that would not be found generally in mainstream schools.

The LA maintains one special school for children aged 3 - 11 (Springwell) and provision for young people aged 11 - 19 is provided by Catcote Academy. Both schools have specialist provision for a range of needs including severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Further information can be obtained from the schools:


Springwell School 

Tel. 01429 280600



Catcote Academy   

Tel. 01429 264036








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