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Anti-social Behaviour Unit Service Standards

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1. We will be fair, impartial and professional.

2. We will record all complaints that you make.

3. We will aim to make an initial response to your complaint within five working days.

The Team has a target for an initial response to all complaints involving actual or threatened violence or hate incidents within 1 working day and to all other complaints within 5 working days.

4. We will respond to straight forward correspondence within 10 working days.

5. We will respond to complex correspondence within 20 working days.

6. We will tell you who is dealing with your complaint.

The Team will provide you with the name(s) and phone number(s) of the Officer(s) who will be responsible for investigating your complaint.

7. We will assess the information you provide when making a complaint and depending on the circumstances and severity of the problem will:

i.      Level 3 complaints - provide you with telephone advice regarding the problem, and where appropriate, offer you mediation,

ii.      Level 2 complaints - provide you with telephone advice regarding the problem, and where appropriate, offer you mediation and/or a referral to your wards Neighbourhood Policing Team Officer(s) and/or the relevant section(s) from Hartlepool Borough Council for further assistance,

iii.      Level 1 complaints - an Officer will contact you to seek to complete a Complaint Registration Form, assess your vulnerability and discuss with you appropriate actions regarding your complaint. This may be done over the phone, in your home, at our office, or at a location of your choosing. 


- The Team reserves the right to determine the 'level' that a complaint is assigned.  

- Multiple incidents of behaviour at a particular level do not mean that a complaint is raised to the next level.

8. We will, where appropriate, offer you victim support and crime prevention help.

Where the Team believes that a complaint involves anti-social behaviour / hate incidents and the vulnerability of the complainant warrants it, they will be offered the support of Hartlepool 's Victim Support Service; Crime Prevention Team; Hartlepool MIND; and/or any other appropriate help/support offered by any other agency.

9. We will share your information with others according to the permissions you give us. 

The Team will, where appropriate, work in partnership with organisations and statutory agencies that have a legitimate interest in a complaint.

This will be subject to your permission and appropriate information-sharing protocols being in place.

The Team reserves the right to determine whether it is appropriate for an individual, organisation, company or agency to be involved in a complaint being investigated by the Team. For example: Child Protection involvement.

10. Where appropriate we will direct you to the Teams webpage for information and advice about how we deal with anti-social behaviour / hate incidents.

Where we think that the keeping of written records would be useful for your complaint we will explain how to download diary sheets from our webpage.

Where you indicate that you do not have access to the internet we will provide you with copies of our advice leaflet, and where appropriate, our diary sheets.

11. We will aim to keep you informed about what happens with your complaint.

The Team will aim to keep you informed of any significant developments involving your complaint. The frequency and type of contact will be agreed with you.

12. We will assess what action is appropriate to take against those involved in anti-social behaviour / hate incidents. 

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