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Dealing with anti-social behaviour

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When you make a complaint to the Anti-social Behaviour Unit we will ask you:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. When and where does the problem happen?
  3. Do you know who is causing the problem?
  4. How are you affected by the problem?

Together we will agree an action plan about how your complaint will be investigated - taking into account:

  1. Your views,
  2. Your vulnerability, (Vulnerability Matrix Assessment)
  3. The circumstances of the incident(s) reported, (Anti-social Behaviour Test)
  4. The severity of the incident(s) reported, (Anti-social Behaviour Level Test)
  5. The level and credibility of the evidence available/could reasonably be obtained, (Evidential Test)
  6. The resources and sanctions available, appropriate and proportionate to deal with the behaviour, combined with the likelihood of success of an action. (Public Interest Test)

This plan will include whatever action is decided appropriate to deal with the problem. This may include:   

  1. Providing advice,
  2. Providing access to diversion activities for young people,
  3. Providing access to support - i.e. parenting/housing/behavioural,
  4. Providing access to alcohol and drug treatment,
  5. Providing access to mediation services,
  6. Issuing written warnings,
  7. Requesting a landlord warn their tenant about breaching their tenancy agreement,
  8. Having a someone sign an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement,
  9. Using other enforcement agency powers to deal with the problem - i.e. Environmental ProtectionTrading Standards or the Private Sector Housing Team,
  10. Requesting a landlord evict their tenant,
  11. Involving Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Protection agencies,
  12. Assisting Cleveland Police with a criminal prosecution,
  13. Taking legal enforcement - for example; applying for an Anti-social Behaviour Order, or a Parenting Order.

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