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School Admission Arrangements for 2015 -2016

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The Hartlepool School Admission Arrangements for 2015/16 are now open for consultation (please see link below for arrangements).  If you would like to comment on the proposed arrangements, please contact Sue Beevers, Admissions, School Place Planning and Support Services Manager (sue.beevers@hartlepool.gov.uk ) (01429 523672). 

The consultation opens on 1st November 2013 for an 8 week period.

Hartlepool School Admission Arrangements for 2015-2016 - Children's Services Committee Report

High Tunstall College of Science Admissions Consultation

Proposed Catholic Primary Schools Admissions Policy 2015-2016

Proposed English Martyrs Admissions Policy 2015

Proposed Manor Admissions Policy 2015 Consultation

Proposed Reduction in Admission Number for Barnard Grove Primary

The benefits of changing the way in which measurements are calculated for the distance criteria are that it makes the system clearer and fairer to parents.  It is less open to debate on the accuracy of measuring. 

To test this out the School Admissions Team re-ran last years admissions round using straight line measurements and found it did not change the pupils who were allocated places.

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