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Photo of a back street

Hartlepool has many back streets, most of which are now gated as part of anti-crime intiatives. This has made our back streets safer but there are still some problems:

  • Litter accumulating in back streets
  • Bins being presented too early/left out too late
  • Side waste (i.e. black bags, etc, left next to bins)
  • Using back alleys as exercise areas for dogs resulting in a build up of dog foul, dogs rumaging through side waste and causing a nuisance
  • Bins being used to climb over walls to break into properties, to remove stolen goods or being deliberately set alight

Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990

To combat these problems the Council has introduced a number of measures. The main tool used to tackle back street issues is a "Section 46" Notice. This notice is served to residents who misuse the refuse and recycling service. This can include dumping black bags or other waste in the back street, putting rubbish into recycling containers or putting the bins out for collection too early/too late.

The Notice explains how to use the service correctly and informs residents of their refuse and recycling collection details. If you fail to comply with the Section 46 Notice then you can expect to face a fixed penalty notice of £60. This system was introduced to keep the back streets clean and tidy for residents and ensure easy access for refuse/recycling vehicles and emergency services. 

Dogs in back alleys

Gated back alleys are classed as "Dog on Lead Areas" under the town's Dog Control Orders. This means that owners of dogs roaming off a lead in a gated back alley will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80, and any dog mess not immediately cleaned up can incur a further £80 Fixed Penalty Notice

Failure to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice issued for these offences could result in court action.

These initiatives have had a significant impact on the cleanliness and safety of back street areas throughout the town.

Cleansing of back streets

Cleansing routes have been reviewed to tie in with refuse/recycling collections. After the bins have been emptied each back street will be given a visual inspection and will be mechanically swept where required.

To report a problem with a back street, telephone Customer Services on 01429 523333 with as much detail as possible to enable us to investigate.

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