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Big Christmas Dinner Challenge

Hartlepool Borough Council allotments service has teamed up with Waverley Terrace Community Allotment and Hartlepool Foodbank to raise a collection of surplus vegetables grown by allotment gardeners which are to be donated to local families in need. Donation boxes have been dropped off at sites for gardeners to pop in any spare vegetable donations.

The boxes will be collected on Thursday 18th December and handed over to Hartlepool Foodbank on Friday 19th December. The collection timetable is as follows:

 Nicholson Field



 Thompson Grove


Haswell Ave 







 Chester Rd


Station Lane 




 Burn Valley



Hartlepool Borough Council is responsible for the maintenance and management of over a thousand allotment plots across 16 sites in the town.

We maintain the tenancy details, undertake regular inspections, take enforcement action, deal with complaints, organise repairs and issue invoices.

The occupancy rate for allotments is around 98%, although all sites at present have a waiting list.  Allotment rents vary, depending on the size of the plot.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a tenant on an allotment, please contact us via Customer Services on 01429 523333 or email allotments@hartlepool.gov.uk. You can also complete our e-form to be added to the waiting list for an allotment plot.


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