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One Stop Shop

The Council operates a One Stop Shop for informal planning enquiries.  This is a free Planning and Building Control advisory service for householder developments (i.e. for the erection of a conservatory, installation of solar panels etc) however as from the 1 October 2011 there is a fee payable for non domestic development or for the 'fast track' service offered for domestic developments, please see the schedule of fees.

The service will identify any consents required for the development you propose and how to apply for them.   Advice will also be offered as to any major issues or concerns likely to be raised.  You will also be told if permission is likely to be refused.  The document A Guide to Pre-Application Advice has been produced to privde clarity on how Hartlepool Borough Council intend to deal with requests for planning advice.

Some types of extension or alteration to your property may not need planning permission.  We can work all of this out for you.  Simply fill in the relevant form (Householder Development or Non-Household Developments) and return by post to:

Planning Services
Level 1 Civic Centre
Victoria Road 
TS24 8AY

or email to: developmentcontrol@hartlepool.gov.uk

We would strongly encourage use of the service as it may help us to 'iron out' any potential problems and therefore deal with your application more efficiently. If you do not need planning permission you will require evidence of this to show future purchasers of your property.

You should be aware that any request for advice is governed by the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and unless you can claim an exemption under the Act, the enquiry and our reply could be viewed by members of the public. You will need to tell us if you believe your enquiry to be exempt.

For major and contentious proposals a Pre-Application Developer Forum may be held.  These are part of the Council's One Stop Shop pre-application advsory service, which provides advice on planning matters prior to the submission of a formal planning application.  A Guide to Pre-Application Developer Forums provides information on what a forum is and how the meeting will be conducted.  Minutes of Pre-Application Developer Forums can be viewed here.

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