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Hartlepool Borough Council manages four formal parks within the town - Ward Jackson, Rossmere, Burn Valley and Seaton.  They represent a great asset to the town and offer opportunities for rest, recreation and quiet contemplation. They are nevertheless quite different from each other with contrasting usage and pressures. This requires a variety of imaginative solutions and partnership approaches to ensure Hartlepool's parks are managed for both present and future generations.

Both Rossmere Park and Ward Jackson Park have seen development recently. Ward Jackson Park received a two million pound face-lift with significant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Most of the parks have a 'Friends' group - these are instrumental both in the management and development of the park and always welcome new members.

Hartlepool Borough Council aims to have all the Parks open by 8.30am each morning and the time of closing depends on the time of year, but is usually just before dusk.

Below is a list of the closing times for the whole year:

April  9:00pm
May  9:30pm
June  10:00pm
July  10:00pm
August  9:30pm
September 8:30pm
October  6:30pm
November 4:30pm
December 4:30pm
January  4:30pm
February 5:00pm
March  7:00pm

[or dusk if earlier]

For further information telephone 01429 284124/284392 or email parksandcountryside@hartlepool.gov.uk 

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