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Reductions for Carers & People with Permanent Disabilities

Disabled band reduction

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If you or someone who lives with you needs an extra bathroom or kitchen, or a specific room because of their disability, or needs extra space for a wheelchair, you may be entitled to a reduced Council Tax bill.


You must have one of the following in the property: 

  • A room (not a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) used mainly by the disabled person. For example, you may get a reduction if you have an extension or extra room used for storing dialysis equipment or wheelchairs.
  • A second bathroom (containing a bath or shower) or kitchen for the disabled person to use.
  • Extra space inside your home to allow a wheelchair to move around (a wheelchair must also be in use).

Before we give a reduction, we have to decide whether the person's health would suffer or whether they would find it impossible to live in the property, without the extra room or space for a wheelchair. If the answer to either question is yes, a disabled band reduction will be awarded.


If we do give you disabled relief, the amount of council tax you pay will be reduced so that it is the same as the next lowest band. For example, if you live in a band C property your council tax bill will be reduced to the equivalent of a band B property.


If you live a in band A property your council tax bill will be reduced by 1/6th because your property is already in the lowest band.


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