Missed Collections

Hartlepool operates an alternate weekly collection service for refuse and recycling. Your green and brown bin* will be collected one week and your grey bin the next.  Collections take place Tuesday to Friday each week.

The grey bin is used to dispose of recyclables, the brown bin* is for compostable garden waste, and the green bin is for general waste. Information about what can be placed in each bin can be found here


Bins must be presented at the collection location by 7:30am.

Your bin may not be collected if it is presented late, contains incorrect items, is overweight or is at the wrong location. A coloured tag will be attached to the bin to notify you there is a problem.

If you have followed the guidance above and your bin has not been emptied, you can report this to us and we will return to collect it.

Please note that reports must be made within two working days of your collection date.


*brown bin collections are seasonal.  Please check your calendar for your last brown bin collection date.