Christmas & New Year information

Opening Hours

 Day  Date  Service  Opening hours
 Monday  23/12/2019  Normal service  8.30am - 5pm
 Tuesday  24/12/2019  Normal service  8.30am - 2pm (Civic Centre reception)
 8.30am - 4.30pm (Phone service / Register Office)
 Wednesday  25/12/2019  Office closed  N/A
 Thursday  26/12/2019  Office closed  N/A
 Friday  27/12/2019  Christmas service  9am - Noon / 1pm - 4pm
 Saturday  28/12/2019  Emergency cover 11am - 4pm
 Sunday  29/12/2019  Office closed  N/A
 Monday  30/12/2019  Christmas service  9am - Noon / 1pm - 4pm
 Tuesday  31/12/2019  Christmas service  9am - 11am / 2pm - 4pm
 Wednesday  01/01/2020  Office closed  N/A
 Thursday  02/01/2020  Normal service  8.30am - 5pm



We will be operating, by appointment only, on 27, 30 and 31 December 2019. Priority will be given to the registration of deaths. Please contact 01429 523337 to make an appointment, no drop in service will be available.

The emergency service is for the issuing of burial paperwork and emergency ceremonies only. Please call 01429 523337 and follow the instructions.



Copy certificates can be ordered online throughout the Christmas period. 

Order a copy certificate online

The Civic Centre reception is open until 2pm on Tuesday 24 December for the collection of certificates, reopening on Thursday 2 January at 8.30am.