Civil partnership – Opposite sex couples

Civil partnerships were introduced in December 2005 to allow same sex couples to form a union with similar rights to marriage. In March 2014 marriage law was changed to allow same sex couples to marry with the option of a civil partnership remaining in place. This means that same sex couples currently have two options when forming a union, marriage or civil partnership, while opposite sex couples only have the option of marriage.

The Civil Partnerships (Opposite-sex Couples) Regulations 2019, which extend the option to form a civil partnerships to opposite sex couples, were approved in Parliament and made on 5 November 2019.  The regulations will come into force on 2 December 2019.

Before a couple can marry / form a civil partnership they must give notice of their intention. The standard notice period is 28 days. Under the standard notice procedure a couple giving notice of their intention to form a civil partnership on 2 December will be able to form their partnership on 31 December 2019.

Information on the differences between civil partnership and marriage can be found here.


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