Warm Up Hartlepool

Thousands of homes in Hartlepool could benefit from a new energy efficiency scheme.

Warm Up Hartlepool aims to help householders in the borough access a range of energy efficiency measures that could help to make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat.

The scheme is a joint initiative between Hartlepool Borough Council, home insulation company J&J Crump & Sons Ltd and 0800 Repair, a provider of gas repair and installation services.

Councillor Kevin Cranney, Chair of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Regeneration Services Committee, said: “Fuel poverty is a real issue, and as energy prices rise, those living in homes without sufficient energy-efficiency measures in place are often hit the hardest."

“In the past, qualification criteria for funding has been very restrictive, and so we were aware that many residents in the borough may have missed out on previous schemes."

“Under this new scheme, thousands of Hartlepool homes will be eligible to apply for a range of energy efficiency measures, such as wall insulation, loft insulation, room in the roof insulation and in some cases replacement boilers or new heating systems.”

Hartlepool residents can soon expect to receive letters through their doors from either J&J Crump & Sons Ltd or 0800 Repair, which will provide more information about the scheme, list the eligibility criteria and also the various ways in which they can apply.

For many residents, the energy efficiency measures will be free.


I’ve received a letter saying I can get free energy efficiency measures - is it a scam?

Hartlepool Borough Council is working with two installers across the Borough to help residents access funding to make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat. 

  • J & J Crump & Son Ltd are working in Hart, De Bruce, Jesmond, Headlands & Harbour, Victoria and the West Park area of Rural West 
  • 0800Repair are working in Seaton, Fens & Rossmere, Manor House, Burn Valley, Foggy Furze and Rural West

Letters will be delivered to homes in the borough advising when representatives from the companies will be in the area. Customers can either refer themselves into the scheme by contacting the number on the letter, or place the letter in a window where it is visible and a representative will call at the property.

What happens next?

Representatives will visit all properties that have expressed an interest and carry out an assessment to determine what measures the property could benefit from, including:

  • Cavity Wall Insulation 
  • Loft Insulation 
  • Room in Roof Insulation 
  • Boiler Replacement 
  • or a full heating system, and whether the householder qualifies for funding under the above criteria.

If the resident qualifies, they will sign the data sharing agreement and a date will be agreed for a technical survey to be carried out. At the survey appointment the surveyor will need to see certain documents.

Why did the surveyor ask to see copies of my bank statement/payslip/benefits?

To be able to draw down funding to pay for your energy efficiency measures, the installing companies have to be able to demonstrate that the household is eligible to receive funding on the grounds of income level or a pre-existing health condition. The documents they ask to see will serve as evidence.

How long will I have to wait for the install?

During the technical survey the surveyor will check for all energy efficiency measures that can be installed and an appointment will be made for the install. This will usually be within 14 days (subject to agreement with the householder).

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

For further information about how you can access the scheme, please call 01429 523330 or email energy.efficiency@hartlepool.gov.uk