Summerhill Country Park and Outdoor Nature Reserve

History Heritage

The objectives of the session are:

  • Explore life as it was in the Iron Age – 2000 years ago
  • Experience a team building activity
  • Exercise, have fun and learn some History

An overview of the day:

  • Introduction in the Exhibition room with a brief introduction to the Stone Age, use of the information boards to show the role of archaeologists, build up knowledge of Iron Age people.
  • Visit the Roundhouse to see how it was constructed and find out what everyday life was like.
  • Hunting/Shelter Building – children working in small groups find the way, plan and construct a shelter in the woodland.
  • Afternoon session using artefacts for rubbings, sketching, enquiries plus further work on Stonehenge.

All sessions are fully planned and can be adapted to meet specific curriculum requirements.