School admission arrangements

All schools and academies in Hartlepool have agreed their admission arrangements for September 2020.  This includes information on how school places are offered (known as the coordinated admissions scheme), number of school places available at each school, admission policy and oversubscription criteria.

We have a statutory duty to make sure that there are sufficient school places available in Hartlepool for every Hartlepool child whose parent/carers wish them to have one.  We work in partnership with schools and academies to make sure parental preference can be met as far as possible.  As a result of this work we continue to be well above national average for both primary and secondary school preferences. 

Changes to admission arrangements are consulted on with Governing Bodies and all schools and academies.


Admission policy and oversubscription criteria for community and voluntary controlled schools

This document explains the admission policy and oversubscription criteria:


Number of school places available at each school

Some schools may have increased or decreased the number of places compared to 2019/2020


How school places are offered (known as the coordinated admissions scheme)

These documents explain how school places are offered:



How to make an objection

Any person has the right to refer an objection to the Schools Adjudicator if they consider that admission arrangements do not comply with the law or the mandatory requirements of the DFE School Admission Code.

Objections should be sent to:

Office of Schools Adjudicator
Bishopsgate House
Tel: 01325 340402

You must provide your name and address and submit your objection by no later than 15th May 2019 for it to be considered.