Free Weight Management Programme

If you are a Hartlepool resident, work in Hartlepool or are registered with a Hartlepool GP Practice and would like to lose weight you can access a FREE 12-week programme from WW (formerly Weight Watchers UK) or Slimming World.

A healthy weight is important at any stage of life. Becoming overweight or obese increases our risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and serious illness from Covid.

To be eligible for the service you must be aged 16 and over, a Hartlepool resident or work in Hartlepool or be registered with a Hartlepool  GP and fit into one of the following criteria:

  • have a Body Mass Index higher than 27 (or 25 for South Asian people)
  • will not have been a member of WW or Slimming World in the last 3 months.


A Body Mass Index (BMI) score can tell us if we’re a healthy weight for our height, and is used widely in the UK

The NHS recommends that most people keep their BMI between 18 and 25. You can work out yours using the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator.

What support is available?           


                         Slimming World



WW provides the opportunity to receive face-to-face support from a coach at weekly group workshops

Slimming World offers weekly group support to help you make gradual changes towards a health lifestyle



Dedicate time to yourself each week to focus on your journey and swap advice and ideas with your WW coach and other members in your group

The Food Optimising eating plan is based around satisfying your appetite with healthy everyday foods like fruit and vegetables, pasta, potatoes, eggs, fish, lean meat and chicken so that you never go hungry. It’s a long-term plan, not a quick fix so no food is banned and whatever your favourite treat is you can still enjoy it in moderation



Access digital support 24/7. Access 150+ virtual workshops every week for support if you cannot attend physical workshops. These are hosted at various times of the day and week and there are Enhanced Workshops which concentrate on healthy bodies and minds, including fun and popular cook-alongs

Motivating you to become active more gradually is Slimming World’s optional Body Magic programme. It works by redefining what is seen as activity so that anything that gets you moving more, from washing the car to walking the dog, is rewarded and counts towards your weekly total



A personalised plan is put in place to support you

As a member, you choose the target weight that you feel happy with and are motivated and encouraged in hour-long weekly meetings to share experiences, recipes and ideas with your fellow slimmers in a warm, supportive environment. Research shows this is crucial to weight loss success




WellnessWins (TM) - To inspire healthy habits, we offer WellnessWins, which incentivise users for small, everyday behaviours that are proven to lead to healthier habits. Earn “Wins” for tracking meals and activity and attending workshops. Wins can be redeemed for exclusive products, services and experiences designed to encourage improved health and wellbeing.

Once you reach your target weight, you can attend for free



Connect Groups - find like-minded people in our closed member groups online

Groups are led by trained Slimming World Consultants, all of whom are former members and have lost weight on the plan themselves. 




A food database of over 100,000 basic, branded and restaurant choices which includes foods suitable for all cultural needs. A barcode scanning functionality that enables members to simply scan a barcode of any packaged food and instantly see the SmartPoints value of it for easy calculation and tracking. Thousands of recipe and meal ideas suitable for varied tastes, budgets and cultural needs


Your weight always remains confidential and your weight losses and gradual changes towards a healthy lifestyle are celebrated 



 Join at  or call 0345 602 7068 quoting WWRS108

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