Deciding what support you need

If you have ever telephoned Hartlepool social care service you will probably have spoken to someone in our Early Intervention Team.  The Early Intervention Team is the first point of contact for anyone who would like help or advice from adult social care.

The Early Intervention Team social workers and contact officers take requests for help (called referrals) over the telephone or in person at the Civic Centre.  The Early Intervention Team deals with referrals for all areas of adult social care, including: 

  • Safeguarding;
  • Social work assessments; and 
  • Occupational therapy assessments. 


You can talk to the Early Intervention Team about yourself, someone you care for, a relative or a friend.  When you contact the Early Intervention Team, a social worker or contact officer will talk to you about the difficulties you are having.  They will take some information about you (or your relative or friend) about what support is already in place.  They may want to speak to your doctor or district nurse too, but will only do this with your permission. 

The social worker or contact officer will offer advice or suggest things you can do that might improve your circumstances.  This will include looking at Hartlepool Now where there is advice, information and activities on a range of services that are available to you.  If however, the social worker or contact officer feels it is appropriate they will pass your referral on to the relevant team so someone can arrange to come and visit you to look at your needs and check you are eligible for social care.

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