Opening times:
Monday - Friday
9.30am - 3.00pm

Other arrangements can be made by contacting Stranton cemetery office. 

Tanfield Road entrance - Vehicle barrier now in operation

Funeral Directors have been provided with a method of access via the barrier.  If a funeral cortege is in close procession to the hearse they will also gain access.

If attending a funeral but not in the funeral cortege, you will need to press the large button on the panel next to the barrier.  This will be answered by cemetery staff who will open the barrier for you.  Please be aware that at times it may take a little time to answer the call, but if after a reasonable time you receive no response please re-press the button.  When leaving a funeral the same procedure applies.

If you are not attending a funeral you will not be allowed through this barrier in a vehicle.  If it is necessary to access the cemetery with a vehicle then please use the Brierton Lane entrance, however there are car parks available at both points.