Pest Control Service


Following the latest Government advice concerning the control measures for Covid 19 we are introducing the following policy with immediate effect for our Pest Control Service in order to protect the public and our staff;

When customers call to book the service we will ask:

  1. If they are self- isolating (over 70’s, people with underlying health conditions and pregnant women) OR
  2. Showing any symptoms (cough, fever, breathing difficulties)
  3. Where they have seen the pests
  4. How the officer can gain access to avoid having to make face to face contact with the customer for example, leaving a garden or yard gate open.

Where a customer is self- isolating or showing any symptoms (cough, fever, breathing difficulties) we WILL NOT be undertaking any pest control treatments inside of the premises.  We WILL continue to undertake treatments outside of premises.

We will ask for a contact number and we will give advice over the phone.

Once we have treated we will leave a card explaining that we have been and giving a date that we will be re-visiting.


We know pests can be a nuisance, damage your home and can affect your health. Whether you've got pests in your home or at your business, we can help.

We offer an efficient and professional service for the treatment of a wide range of rodents, insects and other vermin.

We offer a free telephone advice and identification service to all our customers, or alternatively you can place a sample of the insect(s) in a container with a lid and bring into Civic Centre main reception.

Please be aware that we charge a non-refundable call out fee in the event a Pest Control Officer is required to visit a domestic or commercial premise.  Please check fees for further information.  To request a visit by a Pest Control Officer please telephone 01429 523333.