Public Health Funerals


The Council has a statutory duty under the provisions of Section 46 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 to undertake the funeral of a deceased person, who has died in Hartlepool and where no other arrangements have been made or are about to be made. This does not apply to anyone who dies in hospital as the responsibility would lie with the relevant health authority.


Hartlepool Borough Council would not usually undertake these arrangements if there was a next of kin, or if the next of kin was in receipt of qualifying benefits as the Department of Work & Pensions would pay for a very basic funeral. You can find more information about funeral payments on the website.


Where the deceased is ex-service personnel then you should also try contacting the Royal British Legion as they may be able to deal with the funeral arrangements on your behalf.




Public health funeral records


The Public Health funeral records document provides a list of people who died with no next of kin, where Hartlepool Borough Council have arranged their funeral.


Hartlepool Borough Council consider address information as exempt under Section 31, in the event of properties being unoccupied, disclosure would likely prejudice the prevention of crime. We consider the inherent public interest in avoiding such a prejudice outweighs any public interest in disclosure.


When a person dies the Council carries out a search of the property and Council information systems to locate relatives of the deceased. The Council currently refers cases to Estate Research and/or Finders, when necessary.


The funeral director used by the Council is Victoria House Funeral Service, Victoria Road, Hartlepool TS26 8DD


The majority of Public Health funerals are cremations, unless there is a burial plot/family plot already reserved or the deceased has wishes recorded around burial.

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