Commenting on a Planning Application

Applications are available to view on the Council's public access page or at the Council's offices at the Civic Centre.

In order that they can be taken into account.  Comments should be received before the expiry of the period for publicity for the application. The case officer will be able to advise you of this.

You should be aware that if you do make any comments your name, address and comments will be available for public inspection on the internet and at Council offices.  Signatures, personal e-mail addresses/telephone numbers will not be displayed. Hartlepool Borough Council will collect and process personal information in line with our legal obligations, details of which can be found on our web site or by telephoning 01429 266522.

If we receive comments about a planning application that are considered to be defamatory to another person, racist or homophobic, these remarks will not be included in any reports or published on the Council's website.