Pooches can become perfect pupils at free dog school

Published Thursday, 7th February 2019

Hartlepool dog owners looking to tackle training shouldn’t miss a series of free Dogs Trust Dog School classes beginning next week.

Organised in collaboration with Dogs Trust and Hartlepool Borough Council, a series of three-week courses will take place over the coming months at various venues in Hartlepool.

Dogs Trust Dog School 1

Dog owners can alternatively sign up to carry out the training as an online course.  All training, either face-to-face or online is being provided free of charge.

For owners who signed up at a recent enrolment event at Belle Vue Centre, the next classes will take place on Tuesday 12th, Tuesday 19th and Tuesday 26th February at 11am.

Staff from hartlepool borough council and dogs trust at a recent dogs trust dogs school enrolment event

Staff from Hartlepool Borough Council and Dogs Trust at a recent Dogs School enrolment event

Additional enrolment events will take place as follows:

  • Tuesday 12th March at 11am, Summerhill Country Park and Visitor’s Centre. Dog owners who sign up for the face-to-face classes here will be invited back to the same venue on Tuesday 19th, Tuesday 26th and Tuesday 2nd April. 
  • Tuesday 16th April at 11am, Phoenix Centre, Hindpool Close. Dog owners who sign up for the face to face classes here will be invited to the Belle Vue Centre on Friday 26th, Friday 3rd May and Friday 10th May. 

Each face-to-face class will last an hour and offer dog owners the chance to receive advice on preventing behavioural problems with their dogs, whilst also learning ways to train basic behaviours such as walking well on a lead, sitting when prompted and behaving well around other dogs or people. 

Dogs Trust Dog School 3

Alison Carberry, who is responsible for Hartlepool Borough Council’s Dog Warden Service, said: “Dogs Trust Dog School offers owners a fantastic opportunity to receive formal training and guidance from a network of trained professionals.

“To receive this invaluable support for free makes it even more worthwhile. There will be a limited number of spaces on the three-week training courses, so we would encourage any interested dog owners to get in touch as soon as possible to reserve a space.”

Maria Wickes, Head of Dogs Trust Dog School, said: “This is an exciting new initiative that is exclusively free to residents in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough.

“There are currently 30 Dogs Trust Dog Schools operating around the UK, offering courses that enable owners to not only prevent or manage dog behavioural problems, but also to offer basic training, advice and general dog ownership guidance.

“A unique benefit of this course is those who are unable to attend, due to work or other commitments, will also have the opportunity to complete the training online, meaning the course is entirely accessible.

“All breeds of dog are welcome, and we’d urge anyone interested in signing up to get in touch via tracey.smith@dogstrust.org.uk at the earliest available opportunity.”

Dogs Trust Dog School 4

At each enrolment event, a veterinary nurse will be carrying out basic health checks including eyes, ears, teeth, weight and nail clipping to ensure your dog is happy, fit and healthy. Free on-the-spot Microchipping will also be available, as well as advice about changing microchip details should it be needed. Dogs Trust will not chip active hunting hounds or litters of puppies.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Puppies under six months old must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccinations must be brought along to the enrolment event. If a puppy has recently been vaccinated, they must be carried for the ten days following their final vaccination. Dogs over six months old do not require proof of vaccination.

For further information, visit www.dogstrust.org.uk/communityevents